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Why The 1st of July Brings Big Change for the Waste & Recycling Industries


I have no doubt that most Queenslanders will be aware of the introduction of the Waste Levy but it is our obligation to provide our customers with Raw Metal Corp’s position regarding the future impact of these changes. Since the Queensland Government passed legislation in February this year we confirmed that we would work on maintaining competitive and considered strategies so we could continue to enjoy our successful existing relationships with our customer base.

The key outcome of this Act is that the government will now tax every tonne of waste that enters landfill at a charge of $75 per tonne exclusive of GST. This tax will be in addition to existing tipping fees charged by landfill operators. Additionally, there will be a number of new administration and reporting responsibilities placed on all waste and recycling companies to ensure they operate in a compliant manner.

Raw Metal Corp and the scrap metal industry as a whole have been lobbying the State Government regarding the negative impact the Waste Levy will have on the metal recycling industry. We have been advised that metal shredding facilities such as our Wacol depot are expected to attract a 50% discount on the levy. At this point in time the government is still finalising certain aspects of the new regulations and how they are to be applied and implemented. Unfortunately, until we have this information we are unable to confirm our pricing under the new system.

We plan to work collaboratively with our customers to ensure that all waste charges are minimised. This will include focussing on ensuring efficient disposal of all waste and scrap metal prior to the June 30 deadline. Please be assured that as soon as we are advised we will be in contact with our new pricing structure. We anticipate this will be no later than mid-June. It is imperative that you consider the Waste Levy charges when quoting your customers for any work that will be conducted after July 1st.

Should you have any further queries regarding the above, please contact your Raw Metal Corp representative or email sales@rawmetalcorp.com