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Raw Metal Corp will arrange a scrap metal bin for your business for either a one-off pick up or for regular collection.
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Do you have scrap metal to recycle in Brisbane? Raw Metal Corp can help. Booking a bin for us to pick up from your location is a lucrative, convenient and time-effective way to dispose of scrap metal that’s as good for you as it is the environment.

So, why not get cash for your unwanted scrap metal instead of paying to have it disposed of in landfill where it contaminates the soil and pollutes our waterways?

As leading Brisbane metal recyclers, we can take your scrap metal. We offer free bin delivery and pick up to and from your site (conditions apply) with a variety of bin sizes available to suit your needs.

On collection of the bin, we will weigh the load and pay the amount owing that day. Payment will be by your choice of cheque or direct credit. To book a bin now, please complete the form.

Scrap Metal Bin Options

We have a variety of skip bins available for hire to suit projects of every size. Arrange a bin for a one-off pick up or regular collection.

Hook Bins
Sizes 15-30m3
Marrel Bins
Sizes 6-10m3
Small Bins
Sizes 1-4m3
Aluminium Cages
Various Sizes
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    Types of Metals We Buy

    RAW METAL CORP buys most types of domestic and industrial waste metals, including white goods, cars, aluminium, cans, copper wire, car batteries, industrial builders and construction waste.


    Aluminium Cans


    Car Bodies


    Copper Wire


    White Goods

    What we do not buy

    Raw Metal is unable to dispose of the following:






    Non Metalic Refuse

    Pressure Vessels

    Bio Waste


    Ferrous scrap

    Ferrous metals are metals which contain iron. Ferrous metals and items suitable for metal recycling include white goods such as air conditioners and domestic appliances, steel items like pipes, profiles, offcuts and rails, as well as light gauge steel products like fencing, roofing sheets, building frames and trusses.

    Non-ferrous scrap

    Non-ferrous metals are metals which do not contain iron. Items include copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, catalytic converters, electric motors and radiators.

    Get paid for what you recycle

    At Raw Metal Corp, we have a certified weighbridge that’s regularly calibrated and certified regularly for accuracy. This ensures you’re always paid the correct value for your recycled scrap metal.

    Why Raw Metal Corp?

    We Pay Cash
    We Pay Top Dollar
    You Get A Price Upfront
    Free Pick-Up
    We Recycle Everything

    Demolition and site cleanups

    A variety of metals found at demolition and site cleanups are suitable for metal recycling at our scrap metal processing facility on the Brisbane southside. These include stainless steel sinks and pipes, cast aluminium items, window frames, security screens, aluminium extrusions and light gauge steel building materials like frames and roofing sheets. For large cleanups, including regional QLD and other rural areas, we have the ability to provide all necessary means to pick up your scrap, including excavators, operators and tipper trucks.

    Vehicle scrap

    Whether it’s a complete vehicle or assorted auto parts, most vehicle scrap can be recycled. Catalytic converters, alloy wheels, lead wheel weights, radiators, engines, lead batteries, gearboxes and other auto parts can all be recycled. Along with our cash for scrap metal service which covers all of Brisbane, including Wacol, Ipswich, Sumner Park and Rocklea, we also offer a car body removal service.

    Whitegoods and appliances

    Why throw away your domestic appliances when you can earn cash for scrap metal? Every household appliance contains a variety of metals that can be recycled or repurposed rather than disposed of in a local landfill. We also accept electronic waste such as computers and other digital devices which we’ll pick up and dispose of on your behalf in an environmentally-friendly way. If you’re not sure if your unwanted items can be recycled, contact us online or give us a call.


    Didn’t find what you were looking for here? Visit our Services page for more scrap metal recycling services, including cash for cars and public gate trade.

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