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The metals we buy include catalytic converters, copper, car batteries, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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Cash for scrap metal brisbane

Brisbane scrap metal recyclers Raw Metal Corp pay top prices for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Below you’ll find a list of the most common metals that we accept for recycling at our scrap metal yard in Wacol, Brisbane. If you have items that aren’t listed below and aren’t included on our list of prohibited items (see below), please contact us via the online enquiry form or by calling us on 1300 729 638.

Aluminium Cans

Bring your cans to us or book an aluminium can cage and we’ll pick it up when it’s full. Various sizes available.


We buy all aluminium waste, including alloy wheels, cast aluminium, extrusion, clean sheet, window frames and security screens.

Catalytic Converters

Don’t leave your old catalytic converters lying around to rust, bring them to us and we’ll give you cash on the spot.

Electric Motors

It may no longer work but it’s still worth something, so sell it to us and we’ll make sure it’s recycled properly.

Lead Batteries

Lead batteries must be disposed of properly for safety and environmental reasons. We recycle lead batteries in accordance with state laws.

Stainless Steel

We pay the best scrap metal prices for all stainless steel waste, including fittings, pipes, sinks, tanks and stainless steel swarf.

White Goods

We accept all domestic appliances such as air conditioners, fridges, washing machines and dishwashers. We’ll pay you for your old items.


We recycle or repurpose all brass items at our scrap yard including fittings, taps and turnings and pay you for what you recycle.


There is always demand for recycled and repurposed copper parts and materials. We accept copper fittings, pipes, sheets, tanks, wire and more.

End Of Life Vehicles

Looking to sell a scrap car for cash? Whether it’s written-off, undriveable, unsellable or sitting in your yard gathering rust, we’ll buy it.


We buy all steel scrap, including pipes, profiles, offcuts and rails from business and individuals. Book a bin or bring it to us.

Light Gauge Steel

All light gauge steel including fencing and roofing sheets, building and construction frames, can be recycled.



We buy all alloy/steel car, truck and bus wheels (with tyres off) and will pay you the best prices in Brisbane.

Find Out How Much Your Scrap Metal Is Worth

    We buy metal to recycle and repurpose

    Do you have metal items or scrap to dispose of? Would you like to recycle that scrap metal for cash and get paid on the spot? Scrap metal buyers and recyclers Raw Metal Corp buy all ferrous and non-ferrous materials to recycle and repurpose at the best prices in Brisbane. We’ve been buying and recycling aluminium, steel, copper, brass, auto parts and car bodies for years and have an excellent reputation across Brisbane for making it easy for individuals and businesses to get instant cash for their scrap metal.

    As we sell recycled metal domestically and abroad, we can offer great prices for your metal waste. From our Wacol scrap yard, we service Brisbane and all of South East Queensland and can come to your location to pick up your metal items and pay you cash on the spot. By recycling old metal items or scrap, whether your old car, fridge or manufacturing waste, you’ll be helping to minimise landfill and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You’ll also get paid for making the effort. That’s good for the environment and your wallet. Why not contact us for a free quote?

    Prohibited Scrap

    The following scrap materials will not be accepted by Raw Metal Corp.





    Bio Waste


    Non Metalic Refuse

    Pressure Vessels



    Didn’t find what you were looking for here? Visit our Services page for more scrap metal recycling services, including cash for cars and public gate trade.

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