Raw Metal Corp Maintains Commitment to Best Prices for Scrap Metal

By 18 June, 2015 No Comments
Global markets continue to see falling prices for metals, resources and commodities which is placing downward pressure on the supply chain of Australian exporters.

But at Raw Metal Corp we are still paying the best prices around for scrap metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous.

The fact that we export directly to our customers in Asia and India means that we are uniquely positioned to remain highly competitive on the prices we pay for scrap metal.


We have the most efficient scrap metal recycling, processing and exporting systems in the industry, backed by continual investment in world leading equipment and infrastructure.

Despite dropping global prices for iron ore, coal and all metals, Raw Metal Corp has the technology and processes in place to keep paying the best possible prices for scrap metal.

If you are looking to get rid of scrap metal, make sure you get top dollar for it. Don’t be scared off by global price falls. Raw Metal Corp has the efficiencies and capacity to pay you the best prices you will find anywhere in south east Queensland.

Raw Metal Corp buys and collects scrap metals from domestic and commercial users including ferrous metals (such as construction materials, heavy and light steel, white goods, roofing iron and motor vehicles) and non-ferrous metals (such as aluminum, copper, electric motors, radiators and batteries).  It then exports recycled materials direct in shipping containers to its customers in Asia and India.

Contact Raw Metal Corp on 1300 RAW METAL or 1300 729 638 or visit them at 1156 Boundary Road, Wacol Qld 4076.