Raw Metal Corp Exporting to the World

By 21 July, 2016 No Comments

Raw Metal Corp has just turned two and the list of countries throughout the world to which it exports its recycled metals continues to grow by the day.

Todd Wanless founded Raw Metal Corp at Wacol in Brisbane in 2014 and brings a lifetime of experience in the automotive and recycling industries to the business.

In the two years since Raw Metal Corp started, Todd has travelled regularly and extensively throughout the world to meet with buyers direct.

The personal relationships that Todd has developed with international buyers is the big point of difference that enables Raw Metal Corp to keep on being the most competitive on purchasing recycled metals on the eastern seaboard of Australia.

The list of countries that Raw Metal Corp now exports to includes: Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Dubai, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand with Myanmar to join the list in the near future.

“We are very proud to have reached our second birthday and everything that we have achieved to date at Raw Metal Corp,” Todd said. “While we are still a new business competing against the multi-nationals, we have assembled a great team and our ability to export direct keeps us being competitive, despite the international price pressures.”

Raw Metal Corp buys and collects domestic and commercial scrap metals including ferrous metals (such as construction materials, heavy and light steel, white goods, roofing iron and motor vehicles) and non-ferrous metals (such as aluminum, copper, electric motors, radiators and batteries). It then recycles the scrap at its Wacol headquarters and exports the compacted materials direct in shipping containers to overseas customers.

Todd said there is continuing strong demand from international countries for quality recycled end-of-life metals that they can re-use in the manufacturing of new products.

“The key is the supply of a consistent quality and quantity of materials to export standard and having the systems, technologies and people in place to deliver these shipments,” he said.

“At Raw Metal Corp, we are strongly focussed on our own business and continually working to achieve new improvements in productivity and efficiencies.”

Contact Raw Metal Corp on 1300 RAW METAL or 1300 729 638 or visit us at 1156 Boundary Road, Wacol Qld 4076. www.rawmetalcorp.com.au