Cash payments direct to drought-affected farmers for unwanted scrap materials

By 11 November, 2015 No Comments

Raw Metal Corp is committed to assisting and supporting our farmers who are doing it tough in times of prolonged drought and hardship.

We are proud to provide financial support to a number of important organisations that help out farmers in remote and outback communities, including the Salvation Army Rural Chaplaincy and the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

These groups do a wonderful job in reaching out to farmers in need, which is a crucial service given the high rates of mental illness, serious depression and suicides in rural communities.

In addition to this support, a very practical way that Raw Metal Corp can help out farmers that are struggling financially under the impact of crippling drought conditions is by buying old and unwanted farm equipment for cash.

If farmers have old farm machinery, equipment and infrastructure lying around on their properties or in their sheds, then Raw Metal Corp will pay them top dollar for it – in cash!

As a leading recycler and exporter of scrap metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous, Raw Metal Corp has the systems and capacity to pay the very best prices for any materials suitable for scrap.

Natalie Dawson, Business Development Executive at Raw Metal Corp, is passionate about helping out farmers and drought affected families and can arrange collection of farmers scrap materials and ensure they get the best possible cash prices for it.

This can make a big difference to farmers struggling for cash flow during ongoing drought conditions. Raw Metal Corp, as part of its commitment to assisting farmers during this time, will ensure a seamless and easy process of scrap removal and collection that delivers much-needed cash direct into farmers’ hands.

To find out more, contact Raw Metal Corp on 1300 RAW METAL or 1300 729 638. www.rawmetalcorp.com