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Helping Brisbane recycle its metal waste

Do you have scrap metal lying about your home or workplace that’s becoming an eyesore and damaging the environment? Would you like to have someone dispose of that scrap metal for you and pay you for it?

There’s no reason for having scrap metal such as steel, auto parts, white goods, lead batteries, etc. They take up space or end up in landfill where they negatively affect the environment. Sell them to us and earn cash!

Whether your scrap metal is a result of your business activities, your hobbies or just things you never got around to disposing of properly, like an old car or fridge, you can dispose of it in an environmentally-friendly way, clean up your space and get paid top dollar for it.

In an age of environmental awareness, we all know it’s our responsibility to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste that we create. To help you reduce your carbon footprint and play an important role in keeping Brisbane beautiful, we pay cash for cars and scrap metal that individuals and businesses no longer want and dispose of it in the most environmentally-responsible way by recycling it.

Why Raw Metal Corp

As Brisbane metal recyclers servicing all areas, including Ipswich, Rocklea, Sumner Park and Logan, we have been providing metal recycling services, including cash for cars and cash for scrap metal, across Queensland since 2014. Located in Wacol on the southside of Brisbane, we operate a BCC-tested weighbridge that’s regularly calibrated for accuracy, ensuring you always get an honest price for your scrap metal.

Find Out How Much Your Scrap Metal Is Worth

    What we buy

    If you have scrap metal in Brisbane, we want it! We buy most ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, including cars, white goods, aluminium cans, car batteries, catalytic converters, steel, radiators and so much more.


    Aluminium Cans


    Car Bodies


    Stainless Steel


    White Goods

    Scrap Metal and Cash for Cars Brisbane

    Selling scrap for cash

    Making money by selling your scrap metal or unwanted vehicle has never been easier with our metal recycling service for all individuals and businesses across Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan. We pay cash on the spot for all cars, trucks and 4x4s. If you have a large amount of scrap metal, use our handy calculator to find out how much it’s worth and book a bin for on-site pick up or contact us online for a quote.

    You also have the option of bringing your scrap metal directly to us at our Wacol weighbridge on Brisbane’s southside. Whether it’s your old household appliances, manufacturing waste or stainless steel, we’ll weigh it on our accurately-calibrated weighbridge and give you cash on the spot. What better way to dispose of your unwanted metal waste than to get paid for it?


    Didn’t find what you were looking for here? Visit our Services page for more scrap metal recycling services, including cash for cars and public gate trade.

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